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Executive committee 2024 elections

Dear friends and colleagues,

As announced in the last CC meeting we are contacting you about the next elections to take place in Durham in September 2024.

Our warm thanks go to our election officer, Regina Mügge, who has agreed to oversee the election procedure. A short biography is included in this email.

Attached to this email then, please find the call for nominations (provided in English, German and French) in the name of our election officer. Please distribute this email to all institutional members of your national association as soon as possible.

We would like to inform you about the process:

We invite you to nominate suitable candidates before 3 May 2024. Once the nominations have been received, the election officer will check their validity in terms of the statutes.

The General Secretariat will communicate by the end of May the list of nominees via email to all national association presidents, institutional members and associate members. The list will also be available on the CercleS website.

Best regards,

Anne Chateau

General Secretariat

2024-05-05 03:24
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CercleS Statuts F Statutes E 2020_20200904-1.pdf (854.66 KB) 854.66 KB
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